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Traditional Sicilian Grains Selected using High Technology
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The main ingredient in our flour is Sicily.
The organic grains that arrive at our mill carry the aroma and flavor of the land where they are cultivated, be it hilly, mountainous, flat, or by the sea. Even the naturally occuring plants, which grow freely among the grain, leave their trace in the grain, thanks to organic farming practices and the searing Sicilian sun, which produces the high temperatures that create the perfect environment for healthy grain.
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Our Flour, Stone and Cylinder Milled

All our four and semola is produced exclusively with hard and soft grains cultivated in the Region of Sicily, organically and conventionally grown . Our flour is milled using the same Ferte natural stones, still tooled by hand as they were hundreds of years ago. We also mill flour using modern cylinders.


Our Selection of Artisan Pasta

Our method of producing artisan semola and pasta ensures that the aromas aquired by the grain in the field will arrive on your table.


Primula Verde Olive Oil and other products

Primula is the name for the shape of the bottle, Verde because the oil is a grassy green. Our olive grove of nine hundred trees lies near the archaeological park of Selinunte, in Contrada Latomie. The olives are hand picked each season for our oil.


GRANI D’AUTORE® is the trademark of the flour, semola, and artisan pasta produced by Molini del Ponte, produced using only Sicilian grain, ancient and native, of which we indicate the name of the proucer and the place of origin for transparance and traceability.

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Since 1967

Tradition and Technology

Since 1967 Molini del Ponte produces stone and cylinder milled flour, always on the leading edge of technology.

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Ancient Grains


The recovery of ancient grains such as Tumminia was the innovative step of Filippo Drago during a period in which the industry was concentrated on high yielding grains while sacrificing biodiversity.

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Flavor and Aroma

Healthy Eating

Molini del Ponte is present on the international scene of exceptional products sought for their unique flavor and aroma tied to time past and ancient milling methods.

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Ancient Mills

Spremute di grano ®

Our Natural milling stones have been in use since the eighteen hundreds, milling grain into flour through the forces of friction and pressure. Today our Spremute di grano is grain milled into flour just as it has been for hundreds of years.

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Our Services

Thanks to our experience and the productive capacity of our technology, we offer our clients various services related to the processing and transformation of primary materials.

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